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Tilt-up construction is the primary method of construction for many types of buildings and structures in North America.  Builders Plus can convert your traditional design to tilt-up. Or design a tilt-up building for you from the start. Tilt-up construction provides benefits that you don’t always get with traditional design and construction. It’s the sensible choice that saves you money and time during construction and beyond.

Builders Plus played an integral role in constructing FDOT’s first tilt-up retaining wall. For more information, Click here.

LOWER COST – Fewer skilled laborers are needed. And materials are readily available at lower, more stable prices.

FASTER – Less labor is required, and construction can begin even before the building design is complete. Multiple phases can be worked on simultaneously. Since the floor slab is poured first, electricians and plumbers can begin work sooner.

GREENER – Solid concrete contains temperature fluctuations better, so less air conditioning is needed.

SAFER – Solid walls provide greater security against intruders, are more fire resistant and can withstand windstorms and earthquakes, which also saves on insurance premiums.

STYLE – Aesthetic enhancements such as a variety of colors and textures are achievable at costs comparable to the most basic industrial building.

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